About us

A vision based on iterative thinking

Why Acute360?

The creation of Acute360 was motivated by my witnessing, as an R&D consultant, the absence of clear and reliable methods for managing R&D projects. 

Hence, many years ago I embarked on developing and integrating the concept of iterative project management modelled on the Scientific Method into a cloud base platform. 

The objective was to develop a platform that would provide an iterative, consistent and coherent approach for executing and managing R&D projects. 

Acute360 is more than a set of tools to manage your R&D projects, it’s a philosophy of applying oneself to a trustworthy methodology for doing R&D the right way. 

Claude Beauchamp, Eng., M.B.A.

Project Management Software


Through our iterative R&D project management platform, we want our customers to create value and innovation by doing R&D the right way. This means applying the Scientific Method by using 21st century management tools, capturing the acquired knowledge and thinking collaboratively.

Electronic notebook

No more paper. Acute360 is your electronic notebook to manage, organize and document all your scientific and experimental data the right way and in the same place.

R&D Tax Credit

Acute360.com collects real-time technical and financial (labor, materials, subcontractors, etc.) data to easily claim your R&D (SR&ED) tax credits, measure your R&D team's efficiency, and predict a project’s performance & success.