based on an incremental, iterative approach

Agile project management

Agile software development is based on an incremental, iterative approach. Instead of in-depth planning at the beginning of the project, Agile methodologies are open to changing requirements over time and encourages constant feedback from the end users. Cross-functional teams work on iterations of a product over a period of time, and this work is organized into a backlog that is prioritized based on business or customer value. The goal of each iteration is to produce a working product. Scrum is a subset of Agile and one of the most popular process frameworks for implementing Agile. It is an iterative software development model used to manage complex software and product development. Fixed-length iterations, called sprints lasting one to four weeks long, allow the team to ship software on a regular cadence and use their past performance to accurately plan future work. At the end of each sprint, stakeholders and team members meet to plan next steps.

The Agile Project Management Methodology

Agile project management is primarily used for IT and software. Its stages include:
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
The agile methodology implements the iterative approach at each stage resulting in smaller cycles with transparent and measurable results. The project gradually grows as new features are added after each cycle and confirmed, so the end product is very close to what the client wanted. Agile project management supports sustainable development. Team members reflect at regular intervals on how to become more efficient and adjust their behaviour to best suit the Iterative and Agile approaches. Flexibility and quick turnaround is key in Agile project management.

Acute360 can be used for Agile project management because it:

  • provides a simpler and more agile approach to manage the R&D portions of IT/software projects the right way
  • facilitates collaborating and thinking together to achieve the project’s objectives
  • collects real-time technical and financial data to measure the team’s efficiency and predict a project’s performance and success
  • captures and documents all of the project’s acquired knowledge and metrics
  • emphasizes rigorous project management & quality iterations
  • best suited for managing small to medium size IT/software projects


What is the right way to build software products? Agile/Scrum based project management software are presently the rage for managing software development, but despite their considerable merits, they require a lot of discipline and a major culture change to be implemented correctly and are better adapted to large teams and large projects. Acute360 is more agile and simpler in managing small to medium software teams and projects. The Acute360 iterative process emphasizes responsible project management and quality over an Agile/Scum approach of team management and strict timely delivery over quality.

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Acute360.com collects real-time technical and financial (labor, materials, subcontractors, etc.) data to easily claim your R&D (SR&ED) tax credits, measure your R&D team's efficiency, and predict a project’s performance & success.