How to do R&D the right way

Getting started with iterative project management

What is iterative?

In traditional (Waterfall) project management, objectives, budget, time frames, tasks and activities are already well-defined, whereas in iterative project management very little of this is done.
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Why Project Management Software is Important for Workflow Efficiency

Project management (PM) software is primarily designed to save time and simplify the workload. It’s used for project planning, time management, resource allocation, and budgeting. Your business has goals to meet and tasks to accomplish that ...
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The Origin of Agile Project Management

Two Harvard academics, Robert D. Austin and Richard L. Nolan, did a study on software projects in 1998 to ascertain the problems of the IT development and project management methods at that time. Their stud ...
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Resolving the Mystery around Scrum

Many have heard the name “Scrum” and believe that it is a software program with some assuming that a “Scrum Master” is a role from the Dungeons & Dragons game. But, Scrum is actually a product-development strategy. It&r ...
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The Impact of Agile Methods on Software Project Management

When you have a project to complete, it’s a challenge to decide which methodology is appropriate. You want one that helps your team perform at their best while delivering quality results. Many are promoting Learn more

Research and Development’s Influence on the World

Did you know that the now-popular term research and development (R&D) only started to be used as late as the 1950s? Research is an ancient practice and was combined with development in the French Revolutionary Wars in the 1790s. It was much la ...
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How to claim your Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentives the right way

No more estimates, guesswork, and uncertainties about «who did what and what was done».  Acute360 is the efficient way to manage all your SR&ED/R&D projects and easily identify and qualify eligible SR&ED activi ...
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Online Project Management Software


Through our iterative R&D project management platform, we want our customers to create value and innovation by doing R&D the right way. This means applying the Scientific Method by using 21st century management tools, capturing the acquired knowledge and thinking collaboratively.

Iterative is an iterative project management platform that manages R&D projects and tasks based on the concepts of the Scientific Method, Knowledge Management and Thinking Collaboratively.

R&D (SR&ED) Tax Credits collects in real-time all of an R&D project’s acquired knowledge. This includes technical and financial (labor, materials, subcontractors, etc.) data to easily claim R&D (SR&ED) tax credits, measure an R&D team's efficiency, and predict a project’s performance & success.