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How do I get started with Acute360?
Fill in the REQUEST FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL form and you will automatically receive a welcome email with a user password to login to the platform (check your Spam if you don't see it in your Inbox). You will be logging in as an Administrator and you should start by reading '2. Quick start for administrator' in the help section. 

What happens when the trial’s up? Will we be charged?
No. We don’t ask for your credit card up front, so we can’t charge you until you decide you want to purchase Acute360. You’re always in control. At any time during the trial, or when the trial is up, you can decide what you want to do. If you want to continue, we’ll ask for your credit card then.

If I decide not to continue after my free trial, do I lose all my data?
No. You can download all of your projects information and results (data) on our comprehensive Excel & Word reports.

What if we need more than 30 days to evaluate Acute360?
If you haven’t purchased Acute360 before the trial ends, and you need a little more time, just let us know. We’re happy to extend your trial.

Is there any limit to the number of projects we can run?
No. You can run as many projects on Acute360 as you’d like and have access to all the features of Acute360 required to do R&D the right way. For your free trial you can create up to 5 users. You will also be able to create as many timesheet only users for support staff that are indirectly involved in your R&D projects. At the end of your free trial you will be asked to configure a pricing plan that meets your needs.

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Through our iterative R&D project management platform, we want our customers to create value and innovation by doing R&D the right way. This means applying the Scientific Method by using 21st century management tools, capturing the acquired knowledge and thinking collaboratively.

Iterative is an iterative project management platform that manages R&D projects and tasks based on the concepts of the Scientific Method, Knowledge Management and Thinking Collaboratively.

R&D (SR&ED) Tax Credits collects in real-time all of an R&D project’s acquired knowledge. This includes technical and financial (labor, materials, subcontractors, etc.) data to easily claim R&D (SR&ED) tax credits, measure an R&D team's efficiency, and predict a project’s performance & success.