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*USD$30monthly flat fee
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try it now for free
Monthly flat fee of USD$30 for small teams of up to 5 users and the option to add users for larger & expanding teams.

No limits on the number of projects that you can create.

Mobile App (Apple & Android) to report on the spot a project's results.

Unlimited amount of timesheet only (restricted to online reporting of time & commenting results) for support staff that are indirectly involved in your R&D projects.

Canadian customers: *Can$37.50 monthly flat fee  **Can$18.75 per user per month.

Project Management Software


Through our iterative R&D project management platform, we want our customers to create value and innovation by doing R&D the right way. This means applying the Scientific Method by using 21st century management tools, capturing the acquired knowledge and thinking collaboratively.

Iterative is an iterative project management platform that manages R&D projects and tasks based on the concepts of the Scientific Method, Knowledge Management and Thinking Collaboratively.

R&D (SR&ED) Tax Credit collects real-time technical and financial (labor, materials, subcontractors, etc.) data to easily claim your R&D (SR&ED) tax credits, measure your R&D team's efficiency, and predict a project’s performance & success.